Optimality Theoretic Account for the Distribution of Pronominal Clitics in Romanian

Kan Sasaki (筑波大)
Daniela Caluianu (筑波大大学院)

Romanian has accusative and dative clitic pronouns, which normally precede the verb in the order DAT-ACC. There is an exception to this rule: if the verb is accompanied by an auxiliary beginning with a vowel, the feminine form of the 3rd person accusative clitic o appears in enclitic position. We propose an OT-based account which derives the basic clitic order through the ranking of clitic alignment constraints. The exceptional behavior of o is due to the interaction of the clitic alignment constraints with the phonological constraints NoHiatus and Onset.

	Align (aux, R, V, L) >> Align (acc, R, V, L), NoHiatus
		>> Align (dat, R, V, L), Directional Integrity, Onset
		    >> Align (acc, L, V, R), Align (dat, L, V, R)