WH-IN-SITU: Moved or unmoved ?


Wh-in-situ is a wh phrase that does not undergo Wh movement by S-Structure. In English, Wh-in-situ are found in multiple questions since only one wh phrase can move into Comp at S-Structure. These unmoved wh phrasesare assumed to move in LF for scope assignment. If this is correct, it can be said that Wh movement takes place at two levels of representations, namely, S-Structure and LF. This assumption, however, raises several questions as to the status of Wh movement because movement shows different characteristics depending on the level of representation.
This presentation argues, contrary to the standard assumption, that no movement is involved in scope assignement at LF in English. I will present some arguements in favor of the view that Wh-in-situ never move in LF in English, and contend that scope assignment should be made by indirect binding instead of movement. This proposal has several advantages over the standard approach because the puzzles concerning wh movement can be removed. Among the phenomena taken up in this presentation are Subjacency, scopal interaction, the possibility of adjunction, asymmetries between moved wh phrases and Wh-in-situ etc.