Anaphoric System of Kuching-Malay: An Alternative View of the Local Reflexives in Malay

Sachie Kotani (University of Delaware)
Sean Madigan (University of Delaware)
Masahiro Yamada (University of Delaware)

We will outline the pronominal and reflexive system of an underdescribed language, Kuching-Malay, which has a problematic element, or pseudo-reflexive like the other Malay dialects to the binding theory. We argue that, while it seems that Kuching Malay has a three-way system of pronouns, reflexive anaphors and pseudo-reflexives, in reality it is only a two-way system consisting of only pronouns and pseudo-reflexives. In this way, true reflexives are analyzed as being composed of pseudo-reflexive and sEndiri ‘alone’ and its behavior is deduced to the properties of pseudo-reflexives and the agent oriented element sEndiri.